Jake Gyllenhaal & Anne Hathaway Talk Love, Drugs, Gay Marriage & Nude Scenes

This is what drug dealers look like in Hollywood.

Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal’s new film ’Love and Other Drugs’ opens in theaters on November 24th. Maybe you’ve seen the frisky trailers out everywhere?

Jake’s character Jamie Randall is a womanizing pharmaceutical sales rep who falls for Anne’s feisty, free-spirit Maggie. In addition to being the most attractive people to ever occupy a converted Pittsburgh loft at one time, the couple goes on a journey of discovery together culminating in the realization that, perhaps, love is the ultimate drug. I’m sure there are some creative writing majors at Berkley who would disagree.

The movie is a pretty interesting look into the state of the health care industry in the late ’90s and centers around the introduction of Viagra, a drug you may have heard of, as well as the relationship between doctors and pharmaceutical companies at the time. Who knew pharmaceutical sales was so competitive?? Gyllenhall’s character is basically the Nomi Malone of the Ohio River Valley.

I sat down with the pair last week and grilled them on nude scenes, real estate porn, and their thoughts on the recent judge removals in Iowa. Check it out then relax with a hit of love or two.