Jake Shears Interviews Cher and Perfection Is Achieved

It is truly hilarious to think of how excited Jake Shears, vocalist for the inimitable queer indie band The Scissor Sisters, must have been when he was offered to interview Cher for V Magazine.  I can picture him bouncing up and down in his seat, like a child about to receive an N64 for Christmas.  What resulted from the pairing is a surprisingly thoughtful and delightfully campy exchange of words between the two superstars.

Jake Shears, whose palpable eagerness is so plainly and charmingly on display in their lengthy chat (which can be read in full over here), will be singing a duet with The Dark Lady on her upcoming song “Take it Like A Man”.  The two discussed everything from pre-concert nerves to Cher’s upcoming album Closer to the Truth, to tattoo designs.  Here are some highlights:

JS This issue of V is about icons. Which people have really been your idols? 

CHER Elvis and, well, there have been different people at different times, but it’s really weird because mostly they’ve been men. When Joni [Mitchell] was making Court and Spark I was with David [Geffen], so every night when she would come in we would hang out and talk. I think Joni’s a genius. And there are great performers. I love K.D. Lang. It’s hard, you put me on the spot, and if I walk away from this telephone, hang up, I’m going to think of 50 people.

JS I think K.D. Lang and Elvis are pretty amazing.

CHER They’re the same person, right?

And later in the interview:

JS [Your mother is] so beautiful, by the way.

CHER I know, isn’t she amazing? She just finished two days on RuPaul’s show. My mother is just so with it and swears like a sailor, except she won’t admit it. She always is surprised if I say “fuck.” Like, Oh my god, shut my mouth. She’s crazy smart, and my sister is too. I’m the one with the least pencils in the box.

Reading this entire interview is like drinking a gallon of glitter.  You’ll probably feel sparkly for the next few days.

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