James and Dave Franco Just Might Be the Coolest Brothers in the World

James Franco, Dave Franco

James Franco’s gay-friendly creds have long been established what with his willingness to play gay in movies like Milk and Howl (and to not shy away from the same-sex love scenes in those films.) Plus, there’s his involvement with the new movie Kink, that Saturday Night Live skit where he made out enthusiastically with two different guys, not to mention his student film The Feast of Stephen which has the naked basketball players. Then there was the research he did for Sonny by hanging out with male prostitutes, even watching one have sex with another guy.

All without a whiff of gay panic. If there has ever been a straight guy more confident in his sexuality, then I’ve yet to hear of him.

James Franco in Milk

So it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that a couple of recent Funny or Die videos show that Franco’s younger brother Dave is just as comfortable doing gay stuff and isn’t terribly worried about what folks think of him.

First there was the epically NSFW “You’re So Hot” video that Franco did with Chris Mintz-Plasse. That featured the most sexually graphic dialog I’ve ever heard. Now Dave is back in another FoD video, this time … well, I don’t want to spoil the end. You’ll have to watch for yourself. Check out “Go F*ck Yourself.” But be warned, it is definitely NSFW.


Now all we need is for Dave to play an actual gay role.