James Blunt Declares “Gay People Are My Number One Fans.” Also, He’s Not Gay

james blunt

James Blunt doesn’t care if people think he’s gay, apparently. “’It doesn’t bother me. Maybe it’s because I was in the military,” he told French magazine Voici.

Or maybe it’s because of incidents like the one on Chelsea Lately in 2011, when the “You’re Beautiful” singer declared “I came out as gay last week, which was not a lie.” Blunt then corrected himself, shouting, “It was a lie, it was a lie!” And then went on to explain how, “I went to boarding school where I had a lot of men together for ten years of my life, and then I joined the army to be with other men too. … It wasn’t my choice, I dropped the soap it just happened.”

Um, okay. Guess that was a joke, right? “I’ve often joked about it and don’t have any problem with people’s sexuality,” he told Voici. “Gay people are my number one fans.”

Well, not all of us.

Blunt teases that his last video, “Bonfire Heart” was kind of a queer love letter:  ”Have you noticed that my last video is like a mixture of “Brokeback Mountain” and ’Top Gun”?

Oooo-kay. Watch it below and decide.

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