James Corden, Jake Gyllenhaal And Andrew Rannells All Shared The Same Piece Of Gum At The Tonys

Find out the moment you didn't see from Sunday night's Tony Awards.

It sounds like the biggest prize you could have won at Sunday night’s Tony Awards was not actually a Tony, but rather, Jake Gyllenhaal’s chewing gum.

When host James Corden called Gyllenhaal and Sean Hayes on stage to sing “A Whole New World” during a commercial break, Jake revealed he had gum in his mouth and wasn’t sure what to do with it.

“Give it to me! Put it in my hand! Put it in my hand!” Corden shouted.

But instead of in his hand, Corden put the gum in his own mouth, exclaiming, “I want to chew it!”

After the song, he gave it back to Gyllenhaal, who put it right back into his own mouth.

During another commercial break, Corden called Andrew Rannells and Zachary Levi onto the stage for an audience karaoke rendition of “Mamma Mia!” and the gum saga continued, as Gyllenhaal jumped up from his seat and put the gum in Rannell’s mouth at the end of the song.

“Is that the same piece?” Corden asked. “This is disgusting. That’s actually disgusting!”

Corden later rehashed the many gum transfers to Vulture, saying, “It was in his mouth, to my mouth, to his mouth, to Andrew Rannells’s mouth,” he said laughing. “So Rannells has got it now!”

Definitely disgusting, but if you’re going to have someone else’s gum in your mouth, it might as well be Jake Gyllenhaal’s.

h/t: Vulture

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