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James Corden Schooled Trump On The AIDS Crisis By Sending Him 297 Copies Of “Philadelphia”

"Where we could, we even spent the extra 14 cents so the president could enjoy it on Blu-ray."

James Corden is as angry about Donald Trump’s inaction on the AIDS epidemic as we are. Last night on The Late Late Show, Corden revealed he sent the president 297 copies of the 1993 Oscar-winning drama Philadelphia, which, of course, sees Tom Hanks play a HIV-positive lawyer suing his firm for discrimination.

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Corden’s “gift” comes after six members of the White House’s National HIV/AIDS Policy Council resigned last week, citing the administration’s apathy towards fighting HIV.

The White House’s National AIDS Policy website was taken down the day Trump was sworn in, and his budget proposal slashes $242 million from the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), a key initiative of former President George W. Bush that continued under President Obama.

And Trump’s proposed replacement for the Affordable Care Act would have devastating effects on Americans living with HIV/AIDS.

Corden thinks Trump simply doesn’t know anything about AIDS, so his team took matters into their own hands.

“We [called the White House] and asked if we could send a copy of Philadelphia to the President,” he told his audience. “To make sure that he gets it, that he cares… we’ve sent 297 copies of the movie to Trump’s Florida hotel.”

That peculiar number of copies isn’t a reference to anything, though—it’s literally every copy Late Late Show staffers could track down.

“Where we could, we even spent the extra 14 cents per copy so the president could enjoy it on Blu-ray,” Corden revealed. “Don’t say we don’t care!”

Corden says he hopes that, after watching Philadelphia, Trump will “begin to care” about global HIV/AIDS policy. “[It’s a crisis] that you or any President of the United States cannot afford to ignore.”


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