James Deen Totally Loves Lindsay Lohan

So kind that James.

Porn star James Deen has finally spoken about his experience co-starring with Lindsay Lohan in the possibly highly anticipated new film The Canyons. The adult film star, known as the “porn star next door,” continued to live up to his reputation as a nice guy, giving Lohan the benefit of the doubt about her behavior on the set of their upcoming film. Deen called his time working on the movie “fantastic,” and noted that Lohan’s behavior stems from a life of being a star.

“She has a unique way of communicating,” he said. “She’s a child star who’s been living in this fame world being chased by paparazzi. I tried to consider that in every interaction with her, so when she speaks, what could be construed as an insult by some was not necessarily intended to be an insult.”

Though some are saying that Deen is poised to be the real breakout star of The Canyons, which may see him leaving the adult industry for mainstream films, he’s still a porn boy at heart. The star of porn parodies such as Batman XXX and Family Guy XXX imagined a porn version of Zero Dark Thirty, saying, “Well, the patriot in me says take the Bin Laden film and turn it into a gay porn in protest of 9/11. ‘You terrorize and kill thousands of innocent Americans? Well, we’ll do the most offensive thing possible to you. Take that! And … there’s bacon in it!’”

Well played James.

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