James Franco Wrote A Book, “Actor Anonymous,” And Made A Pretentious Book Trailer To Go With It: WATCH

If you love James Franco well, well this may be the final straw. The very lovely and talented and hardworking Mr. Franco wrote a book you see, Actor Anonymous, and today he released a trailer for the book. A very long and actory and pretentious trailer.

To summarize, it is three straight minutes of actors participating in their favorite pastime: talking straight into a camera about things no one else really cares about.

The book is apparently structured after the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, but with actors and their confessions. Or something. We really aren’t entirely positive, and we aren’t super sure we want to know. But hey, we do have to give James Franco credit for getting our attention.

This may, however, be your kind of book, and maybe the trailer, which you can see above, is your kind of trailer. At the very least, we were very excited to see that cutie Jim Parrack (aka Hoyt Fortenberry) make an appearance. He really seems to have moved on from Jess, which is a good thing.

According to Amazon:

The actors in James Franco’s brilliant debut novel include a McDonald’s drive-thru operator who spends his shift trying on accents; an ex-child star recalling a massive beachside bacchanal; hospital volunteers and Midwestern transplants; a vampire flick starlet who discovers a cryptic book written by a famous actor gone AWOL; and the ghost of River Phoenix. Then there’s Franco himself, who prowls backstage, peering out between the lines—before taking the stage with fascinating meditations on his art, along with nightmarish tales of excess.

Perhaps it’s a mini-masterpiece and he’ll be in Alice Munro’s shoes a year from now. Being James Franco, he may also literally be in Alice Munro’s shoes a year from now for all we know.

Actor Anonymous which, just to reiterate, features the ghost of River Phoenix, is out October 15.

h/t: EW