James Franco And Keegan Allen Get Sweaty In New “King Cobra” Clip

"Where's my piggy?"

A new scene has been released from the gay porn murder movie King Cobra, starring Garrett Clayton, James Franco and Christian Slater. The first clip released last week focused on Clayton as Brent Corrigan, now get a sneak peek at Franco and Keegan Allen as porn star duo Viper Boyz preparing for the camera by pumping iron.

The film, screening this week at the Tribeca Film Festival, “charts the early rise of former gay porn star Sean Paul Lockhart, otherwise known as Brent Corrigan, leading up to his notorious falling out with the producer who made him famous,” according to Deadline.

Grab your dumbbells and check out the sweaty scene below:

For info on Tribeca Film Festival screenings of King Cobra click here.

h/t: Deadline

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