James Franco Designed A “Fu*k Pad” For Valentino

Actor James Franco Designs his Hollywood Forever Cemetery Pop-Up at Airbnb's Hello LA Design Lab

Airbnb recently launched a project called Hello L.A., where they tapped celebrities to design pop-up spaces, offer their insider guide to L.A., and curate playlists. And when you need a celeb for an odd job, is there anyone better to call than James Franco?

Franco of course said yes, and designed a bedroom for the project featuring a giant “YOLO” painting, copies of every novel Faulkner ever published (we’re guessing here), and, when asked by Elle what he called his space, responded: “Valentino’s fu*k pad.”


That being said, Mr. Franco put together a pretty tight looking pop-up as you can see above. We just cannot see Mr. Valentino fuc*ing here. Have you seen where he lives? It’s a castle. Also, not enough red.

But well done Jimmy. Well, well done.

See his entire interview with Elle here.

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