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James Franco Is Remaking ’90s TV Movie “Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?”

And Tori Spelling could return as the titular mother!

We’re living in a world where every movie and television show is getting a remake, whether we want it or not, and it seems we’ve reached an exciting new level in our remake obsession – the made-for-TV movie.

More specifically in this case, the remake of Mother, May I Sleep With Danger, the 1996 NBC movie-of-the-week that became a cult classic through constant reruns on Lifetime.

James Franco was clearly a fan of the flick, which starred a young Tori Spelling as a college student who realizes her perfect boyfriend may actually be a murderer, as he has just signed a deal with Lifetime and Sony Pictures Television to produce a remake.

No announcements on casting have been made yet, but sources in production say Spelling should be expected to appear in the film, hopefully as the mother that the title references.

The movie should be ready to debut next year, which will mark the 20-year anniversary of the original.

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