James Franco Signs On To Direct Jeans Commercial

James Franco loves bears!

Is this why James Franco dropped out of Sweet Bird of Youth, the Tennessee Williams play in which he was set to star opposite Nicole Kidman that would be his Broadway debut? So he could direct denim commercials? Is this James Franco’s version of financial aid (hey, he’s gotta pay for his 39903843 degrees somehow – Yale ain’t cheap)?

WWD reports that James Franco has added yet another title to his already extensive resume (it’s only supposed to be on page, James): Commercial director. Although it’s nearly impossible to connect Franco with Seven For All Mankind (Vulture ventures the affinity lies in the fact that both Franco and the brand are Californian. Sure, why not.), James doesn’t see this as selling out.

The actor/writer/poet/artist/model/provocateur/singer/interpretive dancer/macaroni sculptor/landscape photographer/subway train conductor/some of those may not be true told WWD, “You might think, ‘Oh, it’s selling a product’ …  But that’s what basically one does when you make a movie or do a television show — you’re really selling a product anyway.”

Is that what you were doing when you made, say, Howl or Milk, James? Selling a product? What product, exactly? And don’t say milk, although after this, a commercial for the Dairy Council may be in your near future.