James Ivory’s Gay Classic “Maurice” Returns With 30th Anniversary Edition

A milestone in gay cinema turns 30 this year, but this classic is only getting better with age.

It was 1987 when floppy-haired charmer Hugh Grant’s Clive fell hard for his schoolmate Maurice, played by James Wilby (Gosford Park, Howard’s End). Based on the novel of the same name by E.M. Forster, the romantic drama is being released in a 4K restoration at New York City’s historic (and newly re-opened) Quad Cinema.

It’s 1909 when Maurice befriends Clive, both students at Cambridge. Clive is the first to confess his attraction to Maurice, who replies in kind. They embark on a romantic but frustratingly (for Maurice) chaste affair so as not to sully the reputation of the wealthy and connected Clive, all at a time when homosexuality was taboo and punishable under U.K. law. The film also features Ben Kinglsey and Rupert Graves—in a not-so-chaste role.

Maurice premieres May 19 the Quad, launching a monthly series of queer classic films. Director James Ivory will do a Q&A for screenings on May 19 and 20. Go to Quad Cinema for more details.

Maurice (1987)

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