Crazy Hot Model Jamie Dornan May Play Christian Grey In “50 Shades Of Grey”: PHOTOS


Jamie Dornan, the ridiculously good looking Irish model who gave us the hottest Calvin Klein campaign of all time, and has now moved on to television (Once Upon a Time, The Fall) and film (Marie Antoinette), may have just landed himself the role of a lifetime, with The Hollywood Reporter saying that he is one of the few names being bandied about  to replace Charlie Hunnam in the highly anticipated 50 Shades of Grey.

It would certainly put an end to being known as Keira Knightley’s ex.


Other names being thrown around now that Hunnam finally read the novel and went running for the hills include Alexander Skarsgard, who has reportedly been somewhat hesitant about the whole thing, and Theo James and Christian Cooke. James is of course the most famous Turkish man to ever die in the bed of a Crawley sister, and Cooke we don’t know all that well, but he sure is nice to look at. Garrett Hedlund was also being considered, but he is busy filming Angelina Jolie’s new film Unbroken in Hawaii, which seems way more fun. Also, he’s over this whole Grey thing.

Dakota Johnson is still set to play the role of Anastasia Steele, forcing producers to continue to ask that Don Johnson stop submitting himself for the role of Christian.


Now we have made it pretty clear we like Matt Bomer in this role, as have the rabid, sex-starved fans of E.L. James’ novel, but we are really feeling this Dornan idea. He sure does look the part, and something about those eyes kinda screams BDSM, but in a totally good way.

What are your thoughts kids?