Jamie Foxx ‘Saturday Night Live’ Recap: 3 Best Skits

jamie foxx saturday night live

Jamie had a bad night

Did you see Saturday Night Live last night with Jamie Foxx? If so, you got to see what we are pretty sure is one of the absolute worst SNL’s of all time. The skits were bad, Foxx seem either unrehearsed or uninterested and there was no Fred Armisen or Kate McKinon. In fact, of the three funniest skits, and we are saying funniest, not funny, two succeeded because of random and hysterical guest stars and the third, and only truly, truly funny thing we saw last night, was the last skit of the evening.

On the plus side, Ne Yo sure does sing and dance great!

Here are the only three things that made us smile last night.

“Swarovski Crystals”

“Dylan McDermott Or Dermot Mulroney”

“Maine Justice”

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