Ja’mie Called Up Katy Perry, And They Had One Of The Funniest Chats Ever: WATCH

Katy Perry was a guest on “The Kyle and Jackie O Show” in Australia yesterday, and she got a phone call from one of the most famous, and wealthy, Australians around — Ja’mie.

The two talked about everything from being too povo for private school and the wonders of Japan, to stealing monkeys from Bali and Ja’mie’s wealthy father.

Please watch above, and marvel at just how awesome Katy Perry is, and the brilliant, brilliant comedic abilities of the man behind Ja’mie, Chris Lilley.

As for all you misisng Ja’mie, she will return to HBO this January in the amazing new documentary comedy Ja’mie: Private School Girl.

Katy is so lucky to be BFFs with Ja’mie.

h/t: Vulture