Jamie Lee Curtis Is Psycho, Neil Patrick Harris’ Two Little Helpers Are Ready, Alex Pettyfer Is Hot In a Towel: CELEBRITY INSTAGRAM

Scott Eastwood shares some VPL, Conrad Ricamora is pretty, sexy male cosplay

Jamie Lee Curtis got a little help recreating the famous shower shot from her mom’s Psycho role

Keahu continues to look around New York City

My job is not as fun as their job

Love my buddies at @theellenshow. Now if only I could get those shorts from Zenor!

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It takes a lot of rigging to make a girl fly

Hawkgirl in her 15 layers of skivvies. #UnScandalous #Harnessed #FlyTime #TheStruggleIsReal #Hawkgirl #LOT

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Oddly, I find this an acceptable use of overalls

One of those days where I remember how fortunate and lucky I am to get to play Cam Tucker.

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He may be clean, but my thoughts are dirty

Scott Eastwood with plenty of VPL while shopping

They don’t look so tough to me

Since he’s riding it that way, I’m guessing he’s a top

Howard looks like he’s about to eat Neil

Why you so pretty baby boy?

If you’re gonna date Felicity you’re gonna have to get along with her gay bestie

They do look like they’d be great for keeping you grounded

Cosplay is sexy

Is that actually Alex Pettyfer? He’s unrecognizable from Magic Mike days. And some tattoos are missing. But Mario Testino makes him look good

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