Janice Dickinson is back with J.P. Calderon and a new gay (and also deaf) model, Martin


The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency is back next week on Oxygen, and this season she’s adding a new gay model to the mix: Martin. Martin is also the first deaf model to appear on the show, and it will no doubt be interesting to see how navigating a modeling career may hold special challenges for a deaf person. Janice is also moving in with the models this season, adding a Big Brother-style element to the show … which of course is just guaranteeing trouble. (Like last season, we’ll be there to follow every disastrous minute with weekly blog recaplets.)

Martin signs for, with Janice


Returning to the show for another season is gay model J.P. Calderon, who of course once appeared on Survivor and has since come out. Last year’s gay couple, Sean and Paul, were not invited back for a second season, and Rodrigo (who it turned out had a career in gay porn before joining the herd) is also MIA.

JDMA returns on August 26th. For now, enjoy some more pics of Martin and J.P. after the jump!

J.P. knows what you’re thinking.



Study of Martin in square-cuts, smog


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