Jared Leto Is One Very, Very Pretty Lady

jared leto drag dallas buyers club

Jared Leto is the latest celeb to hop aboard the Drag Wagon for his latest role in The Dallas Buyers Club. Shooting¬†is currently underway¬†in New Orleans, and everyone’s favorite high school burn-out has hit a staggeringly low weight for the upcoming caper. He’ll play an AIDS patient along with Mostly-Shirtless Matthew McConaughey who helps smuggle retro-viral drugs into the U.S. from Mexico in the 1980s.

The story is “inspired by ’real’ events” but I’m having trouble finding anything, absolutely anything in the world right now, realer than those sunglasses. As far as the rest of the outfit goes…well, let’s just hope the 30 Second to Mars frontman is ready to LIP SYNC FOR HIS LIFE.

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