Jason Brown Dazzles At Figure-Skating Championships, Heading To Sochi Winter Olympics: WATCH

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Source: Buzzfeed

A video of free-skating athlete Jason Brown owning everything at the National Championships has been making the rounds.  Clad in a sequined kelly-green shirt, Brown wowed the judges so thoroughly that he’s invited to  the 2014 Winter Olympics games alongside fellow skater Jeremy Abbott.

Combining Riverdance and figure-skating is no easy task; Jason Brown has now singlehandedly convinced us that figure skating gifs are going to be a New Thing.

While we aren’t huge fans of the Olympics at the moment — you know, Russia’s whole anti-gay thing—we still salute young talents being talented.

Check out Brown’s standing-O-worthy routine below.

h/t: Towleroad; gif via Buzzfeed

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