Jason Derulo: I’m Almost Naked On The Cover Of “Talk Dirty”—I’m Letting It All Hang Out


When it comes to his new album, Jason Derulo isn’t pulling any punches: “The Talk Dirty title is uncensored—I’m not holding anything back,” he tells NewNowNext in an exclusive interview. “The cover too: It almost appears as if I’m naked because it’s me just letting it all hang out—no pun intended!”

Derulo, 24, is all smiles when talking Talking Dirty, which at one point had hundreds of songs: “I wanted to make sure that each and every song was tailored to some major event in your life,” he says. “Whether you’re going to the club, going to the bedroom wit that special somebody… whether you’re in the car with your mom, the album has everything.”

You know, the big life moments.

He also predicts “Wiggle,” one of the hottest tracks on the album, will be the Song of Summer for 2014. “It’s a song that you can’t help but move to. If the person next to you is not moving, don’t trust that person—that is not a good person.”

Below NewNowNext talks (but not dirty) with Derulo about working with Snoop Dog, performing on Dancing with the Stars, girlfriend Jordin Sparks, and more.