Watch Jason Momoa Strip as a “Very Extra” Christmas Spirit on “SNL”

"It’s called a reveal, you fathead!"

While Jason Momoa mostly served butch brawn as host of last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live, one sketch let Aquaman’s King of Atlantis get in touch with his inner queen.

In “An Extra Christmas Carol,” Momoa let loose as a holiday ghost paying a visit to Ebenezer Scrooge. But Scrooge, played by Mikey Day, had already been visited by three spirits.

“Are you some sort of extra spirit?” Scrooge asks.


“Exactly,” says the hunky visitor. “I’m oh so much more extra.”

Scrooge has already seen his past, present, and future. So what’s left for this handsome fourth spirit to show the old coot?

For starters, his shirtless torso, some bold dance moves, and a sparkly gold lamé cape beneath his festive red coat: “It’s called a reveal, you fathead!”


“I’m being very extra for you and you’re not getting it,” the spirit continues. “You should be like, ’Boy, why are you so extra?'”

But Tiny Tim, played by Kate McKinnon, gets it. “Who’s this well-built ghost that’s being so extra?” asks the tot. “Why, you’re as extra as Christmas itself, with all its tinsel and goose dinners.”

Soon the strange spirit is working a bed pole and twerking to RuPaul’s “Freaky Money” featuring Big Freedia while Tiny Tim makes it rain! C’mon, Christmas bonus!


Broadway casting directors, let’s not forget this Christmas miracle when it comes time to cast the Magic Mike musical.

Aquaman is in theaters December 21.

Watch the extra special SNL clip below.

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