Designer Jason Wu Cites RuPaul As Early Inspiration: She Was “So Tall And Glittery”

Photo Courtesy of "Interview"

Photo Courtesy of “Interview”

Jason Wu is one of the biggest designers in the world these days, regularly dressing the First Lady, frequently finding his wears in the pages of Vogue and, perhaps most impressively, having scored that much coveted Target collaboration last year. And it seems this amazing designer drew his early inspiration from an equally amazing woman — RuPaul.

Well, to be fair, RuPaul and Barbie.

In the latest issue of Interview, Wu talks about Ru, saying:

I thought that he was a she. Later, of course, I found out that it was a man. But he was so tall and glittery and impressive, with the big hair . . . You know, a fashion-obsessed boy would be into that.

Wu would later go on to make a limited edition number of RuPaul Barbies, the fiercest Barbies in the land.

As for the impact that famous doll had on him, Wu told the mag:

I would buy Barbies and take them apart and then remake their looks. I used them for hairstyling. It was a whole process. I had a lot of dolls — like 150.

So, aspiring designers, we urge you to gather up all the Barbies you can find and start watching Rupaul’s Drag Race as much as you can, because if there is any designer you want to emulate these days, it is Mr. Wu.

And if it worked from him, it just might work for you.