Drag Comic Heckles Trump Robot At Disney World: “Lock Him Up!”

"Anyone that’s upset I disrupted a family vacation can check their privilege."

The Hall of Presidents at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom reopened earlier this month with a new animatronic likeness of President Donald Trump, and at least one guy doesn’t think it’s the happiest place on Earth.

While visiting the Orlando theme park’s patriotic attraction, New York-based gay comedian Jay Malsky caused quite a scene when he heckled animatronic Trump.

Malsky, who often does drag in his act and counts Hillary Clinton among his regular characters, repeatedly yelled, “Lock him up!” when the Trump robot began speaking.

“I protested,” Malsky tweeted, “cuz I’ll never get this close in real life probs.”

During video of the incident, shot by Malsky himself, members of the audience can be heard groaning and yelling back at the comedian, who was promptly escorted out of the attraction by Disney security.

After Malsky posted the video on Twitter, he defended his protest against Trump supporters complaining that his outburst was inappropriate and likely scared children in the crowd.

“Probably more scared than the children being taken away from their parents due to @realDonaldTrump’s inhumane immigration policies,” he clapped back. “Or more scared than a trans kid who fears getting murdered for being who they are. Or a sick child who has just lost access to healthcare.”

“Donald Trump is a madman with fascist tendencies who has persuaded millions of middle-class Americans to vote against their own interests,” the comedian explained in an interview with Theme Park University. “I figured a bunch of them would be at this ride and wanted to show their kids what a protest looks like before Trump murders democracy.”

“Anyone that’s upset I disrupted a family vacation can check their privilege and consider getting mad about the thousands of children being taken away from their parents because of Trump’s racist immigration policies, or the families of the hundreds of trans Americans murdered each year by transphobic and homophobic people, or the negative impacts of the tax bill on poor and middle-income Americans,” Malsky later told The Wrap.

“My only regret us that Trump hasn’t blocked me on Twitter yet. And that Cher hasn’t retweeted me yet.” If either of those things happen, Malsky added, “I will die a very happy gay.”

Malsky also praised Disney World’s security team as “professional and courteous” once they determined that he wasn’t a legitimate threat.

Trump reportedly recorded new remarks for the Hall of Presidents attraction, just as every sitting president has done since the early 1990s.

“From the beginning, America has been a nation defined by its people,” the Trump animatronic says. “At our founding, it was the American people who rose up to defend our freedoms and win our Independence. Above all, to be American is to be an optimist. To believe that we can always do better, and that the best days of our great nation are still ahead of us.”

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