Jeffree Star's Debut Album "Beauty Killer" Coming Sept. 22

Album artwork for Jeffree Star’s new album, Beauty Killer. The blood is a nice touch.

MySpace star, model, singer and makeup aficionado Jeffree Star has been making music for a couple years now, but he’s finally coming out with a debut album this Septemeber. If you’ve never heard of Star, just know that this guy loves makeup, social networking sites, gender-bending, and singing about things like cupcakes made of violence and plastic surgery slumber parties.

Star’s debut album is titled Beauty Killer (of course it is) and contains tracks produced by Ultra Violet Sound, Nathaniel Motte (3OH!3), Lester Mendez (Shakira, Nelly Furtado), Luke Walter (Limp Bizkit), and Nico Hartikainen (Danger Radio). I’m kind of curious to see what it will sound like, just because Star is so…”unique.” I’ll just have to wait and see.