A Man Grabbed Jeffrey Tambor For Playing A Trans Character

The "Transparent" actor recalled thinking, "here it comes, he’s gonna lay me out."

Jeffrey Tambor told Seth Meyers that a man grabbed him in the airport once over his Emmy-winning role as Maura Pfeffermen, a transgender woman who comes out to her family in the critically acclaimed Amazon drama Transparent.

“Here it comes, he’s gonna lay me out,” Tambor recalled thinking as the man pointed and approached him from across an terminal as he was getting off a plane.

Tambor finished the story, which ends in a heartwarming way you might not have expected.

Said Tambor: “He grabbed me and he said, ’You! Thank you. Thank you for teaching me about something I did not know.”

Calling his role “the most wonderful role and the most wonderful responsibility,” Tambor relished in his inclusion in a movement that’s opening people’s eyes.

“I am so honored,” he said. “It’s an honor to go to the set every day. The world is changing. They’re not gonna stand for this hatred, they’re not gonna stand for this nonsense and this misgendering, and all of this crap.”

Bravo, Jeffrey!

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Check it out below:

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