Jen Richards Says Her Role In The Romantic Comedy “Easy Living” Is “Subtly Revolutionary”

The part "neither erased my transness, nor reduced my whole function in the story to it," says Richards.

Jen Richards continues to expand her resume with roles on CMT’s Nashville, CBS’ Doubt and now in the romantic comedy Easy Living.

Written and directed by Adam Keleman, the film follows door-to-door makeup saleswoman Sherry (Hannibal’s Caroline Dhavernas), who looks like she has her life in order, but not everything is what it seems: Sherry sleeps in motels and is estranged from her family. She eventually decides to open a salon with her best friend, Danny (Richards), but the personal and professional sides of her life begin to unravel.


“Including a trans character in Easy Living, but never have a single mention of the fact, is a subtly revolutionary choice,” Richards tells NewNowNext about being drawn to the part.

Just by recognizing the simple fact that trans people are people, Keleman “has gone several steps beyond most in Hollywood,” she says. “[We’re] equally capable of having ordinary lives that don’t constantly center this one aspect of our identity.”

She relished a part “that neither erased my transness, nor reduced my whole function in the story to it.”

In the exclusive clip below, Sherry and Danny hit up a bar for a girls night out, but Danny ends up letting her judgmental side show.


Easy Living will be released theatrically in New York on September 15, followed by a VOD and for digital release on September 19.

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