Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Split, He Cheated

Jen Aniston & Justin Theroux

Happier times. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Jennifer Aniston and her fiance or husband or babydaddy or just boyfriend Justin Theroux have split because he had sex with another woman! Everyone sleeps with other women behind Jen’s back — can you believe it? Well, don’t believe it, as it is time for Wacky Weekly Wednesday.

So, here is what fake happened during this devastating split.

Jenny A. had a romantic dinner with Justin at some fancy restaurant and was all, “Why don’t you love me? I need a commitment.” Then Justin shrugged his shoulders. O.M.G!

“That was the moment the writing was on the wall for Jen,” says Courteney Cox Jennifer’s estranged mother an insider. “It crystallized in her mind that Justin isn’t the one for her.”

Oh, and this is all coming from Star, and their excellent “insiders.”

Back to the matter at hand. Jen told Justin it was over and, according to Star’s knowledgeable insider, “Justin pleaded for a second chance, but for her the love is gone.” So gone.

Then, Justin went home to NYC and, even though she broke up with him, Jen had him followed.

 “To give her closure, Jen even had someone following Justin in New York while she was away,” explains Shiloh Jolie-Pitt a friend who speaks with gossip magazine’s behind her pal’s back. “He got together with [ex] Heidi [Bivens] within days of Jen leaving. It seems like Justin couldn’t wait to be rid of Jen so he could cut loose.” That fuc*ing bastard! We are going to murder him!

And that’s it. Not sure where the cheating claims are coming from. Or where any of this is coming from, but Jen has totally lost love again. We’d say more but are afraid Jen will have us followed like she is ALWAYS doing.

Happy Wednesday friends.

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