Watch “Drag Race” Legends Wig Up and Wig Out With Jennifer Garner

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Between her affection for wigs and her fierce disguises, we always knew that Sydney Bristow was a drag queen — and now we know that Jennifer Garner agrees!

In her new Netflix movie, Yes Day, the Alias A-lister plays Allison Torres, a mom who is tired of always saying no to her three children. She decides to give them a “yes day” where for 24 hours, her kids make the rules. Of course, hilarity and hijinks ensue.


Garner recently sat down to dish about the movie, but instead of your normal film journalist asking the questions, three RuPaul’s Drag Race legends were on-hand — dressed in their best J. Garn drag — to kiki. The three queens were Jackie Cox as Sydney Bristow from Alias, Peppermint as Jenna from 13 Going on 30, and BenDeLaCreme as Allison from Yes Day.

“That red hair is really looking familiar, and very good on you,” Garner tells Jackie Cox as she comes into the frame in Sydney’s iconic red wig from the ABC spy series.

In addition to wigging out about wigs, the queens get personal with Garner. When asked about her favorite role, Garner answers without hesitation that it was playing Simon’s mom in the gay teen rom-com Love, Simon. She adds that she still has people come up to her and confide that it helped them come out to their parents. “What more can art do than help us through those moments?” she tells the drag trio.

Garner also talks about her time growing up in West Virginia’s gay scene, if she’s ever been to a drag show, and if she’s ever kiki-ed with Lady Gaga. The only problem is — *gay gasp* — she doesn’t know what a kiki is.

Don’t worry, Jennifer: Your new drag mothers are here to help you! Check out the Drag Race legends serving J. Garner realness in the exclusive video below.

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