Jennifer Lawrence & Her Parents Cry, Act Adorable: Video

God, what is it with celebrities and their adorable parents this week? First it was Kenneth Faried and his moms, and now Jennifer Lawrenceis joining the ranks with a post-SAG awards interview with Nancy O’Dell (who looks like she raided Johnny Weir’s reject pile in that dress).In the video, J. Law is flanked by her two awesome parents and endures the world’s cutest parental pride parade as her mom tries (and fails) to talk about her talent without crying. Despite the SAG award, the real winner appears to be her dad, who looks like he is having the time of his freaking life while sipping on some champagne, which everyone knows is basically a carbonated expression of paternal emotion. “I feel like I’ve got Secretariat in the Derby,” he says to sea monster O’Dell, which is a reference only dads and horse enthusiasts will ever understand.

Katniss’ mom loses it a bit later, when she starts talking about the award being given to her by her peers, and guys- it’s such a mom moment. Even more adorable is how she mentions that her favorite thing about all of this is how Jennifer apparently “hasn’t changed at all” and that’s when everyone starts tearing up. Ugh, #Weepywednesday is officially a thing now.

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