Jennifer Lawrence’s Impromptu Introduction To Jack Nicholson: Watch

Try to not like Jennifer Lawrence. I dare you.

An Oscar for Best Actress wasn’t the only surprise for Jennifer Lawrence during Sunday night’s awards ceremony. Backstage during an interview with George Stephanopoulos, Hollywood veteran Jack Nicholson stuck his sunglasses face into conversation and the ensuing exchange was pure Oscar gold.

“You did such a beautiful job,” said Nicholson. “I didn’t mean to cross into your interview but I had to congratulate you.”

“Yeah, you’re being really rude,” Lawrence, star of Silver Linings Playbook, quipped after thanking him.

They expressed mutual admiration for one another before Nicholson offered that Lawrence looked similar to an old girlfriend—one of many we’re sure.

“Oh really, do I look like a new girlfriend?” Lawrence replied. Noticeably starstruck, she covered her face with her hands, “Oh, my god! Is he still here?”

Lawrence then exchanged air kisses with Jennifer Garner: “This is my life now.’Hey Jack, hey Jennifer, how are you?'” she chirped charmingly.


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