Jennifer Saunders And Joanna Lumley On The Key To Doing “AbFab” Drag

You can never have enough hats, gloves and shoes.

It is no secret to Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley that their Absolutely Fabulous characters, Edina and Patsy, have become iconic in the gay community — especially after seeing them so often portrayed by drag queens.

“The first time we saw our drag doubles was startling,” Saunders told Pride Source with a laugh. “Because you realize quite how small we are, and short and insignificant, when you’re standing next to your drag doubles. They’re more glamorous than we could even hope to be!”

By now, the ladies have seen enough Patsy and Eddy drag that they’re able to spot trends and give tips on how to perfect the looks.

“The funny thing is, when they do Patsy they used to always do kind of trashy dressing,” revealed Saunders. “But actually, I noticed yesterday at London Pride they were very well dressed.”

“I think Patsys are becoming better dressed,” she added. “That’s quite important for Patsy because you’ve gotta start off looking good, like you’ve got somewhere to go. Always give yourself somewhere to go.”

Things are then able to go downhill from there, she assures us.

“By the end of the night, you can be hopeless,” she said. “I mean, literally. Spread eagle.”

As for Eddy drag, Saunders suggests that everything be way too small for the queen’s body.

“Wear shoes that literally hobble you and costumes that strangle you,” she said. “Remember that Eddy has never woken and not been marked by her clothing; she’s always marked. Elasticated marks everywhere on her body from the clothes.”

For more fashion tips from Eddy and Patsy, catch Logo’s “24 Hours of Absolutely Fabulous” marathon starting Thursday, July 21, at 7:30pm. And go see Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie when it hits theaters on July 22.

h/t: Pride Source

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