Jennifer Saunders Says “Absolutely Fabulous” Movie Definitely On: “I Have To Do It Now”

absolutely fabulous abfab
Jennifer Saunders gave us a belated Christmas present over the weekend when she confirmed that, yes, she is writing a script for an Absolutely Fabulous movie.  And this time she really, really means it.

Saunders has promised an AbFab feature is in the work for what feels like ages, but she always seems to be busy on other projects—her memoir, the failed Spice Girls musical—or simply procrastinating on putting pen to paper. (Or finger to keyboard, as it were.)

But, as Saunders told British talk-show host Jonathan Ross over the weekend, she has to know.  “Yes, well I have to do it now because I’ve threatened it a lot,” she told Ross. “And then Joanna Lumley kept announcing it and saying, ’Yes, she’s going to do it, she’s going to do it’ and then Dawn French on our radio show at Christmas said, ’I bet £100,000 that you don’t write it.’ So now I have to write it, otherwise I have to pay her £100,000.”

The Brit wit also admitted she’s afraid of “second-album syndrome”: “Once you’ve had a bit of success, the last thing you want to do is go and make a flop. So the biggest fear in me is that it won’t be good enough. I’m really nervous about it.”

In the immortal words of Edina Monsoon:  “Just stick your fingers down your throat, hack off your tits, keep taking the tablets and don’t come back until you’re looking like something!”

Just kidding, sweetie darling!

 Watch Saunders on The Jonathan Ross Show below. (the Ab Fab  conversation starts at 6:13.)

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