Jesse J Debuts “Wild” Bald Look In New Video: WATCH

jessie j
The British pop chanteuse Jesse J has gone back to basics for her new video, “Wild”—it’s just her in a bikini, twerking it in front of a white backdrop. Even her haircut is minimalist—like, Professor X minimalist. Bald.

The “Domino” singer, known for her thick black bangs (and that weird cast she wore at the VMAs), debuted the q-ball look at the American Idol finale last week, but we were too Glambertized to pay attention.

It turns out she shaved her locks for charity in March, raising more than $750,000 for Comic Relief. (For that kind of money we’d go full body Brazilian, head to toe.)

We’re still digesting the song—it feels a little too thug for someone with Jessie’s vocal capabilities, and Dizzee Rascal and Big Sean seem like odd collaborators. But you tell us: Is Jesse pulling off the Amber Rose look or is it time to get some ’stensions sewn into her scalp?

 “Wild” is available for download now on iTunes.

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