Jessica Lange Is Leaving “American Horror Story,” Which Makes Us Sad

Premiere Of FX's "American Horror Story: Coven" - Arrivals

It is the news we all knew was eventually coming, but that sure does not make it any easier — Jessica Lange is leaving American Horror Story.

Television will never be the same again.

The good news, however, is that Miss Lange told Buzzfeed she will not be leaving until after the fourth season, which means we will be getting a whole season of her brilliant portrayal of Fiona Goode, the cokehead bitch witch from hell, and another season of a new crazy character courtesy of the wacky and wild Ryan Murphy. Personally, we are really hoping for cannibal mermaids. Would they be considered pescetarians?

Now we’re not totally sure what Lange will be doing once she leaves the show, but since she’s got the Emmys and Oscars all locked up, we’re gonna recommend she hit Broadway or record an album to get her EGOT on.

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