Jessica Simpson Is Totally Pissed Nick Lachey Is Making Gay Jokes About Her Dad

Happier times. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Happier times. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Remember how last week Nick Lachey was telling Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live how happy he is to not have to play “grab ass” with Joe Simpson any more these days? Well, Joe’s little daughter, and Nick’s ex-wife, Jessie Simpson is none to happy about all this.

According to Radar Online, Ashlee Simpson a J. Simps insider said of the incident: “Jessica was shocked and horrified that Nick said what he said. She’s upset. Nick might have thought it was funny and he got a cheap laugh, but to Jessica, it wasn’t — at all.”

The insider went on to say: “Jessica was disappointed that he would even speak about her at all. It’s been eight years since they were married and six years since they last spoke. Jessica doesn’t feel that Nick has a right to speak about her business anymore.”

We still think Nick is amazing of course, and will be watching the above clip over and over and over again.

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