The Jewish Drag Queens Of Tel Aviv Might Just Save The World

A new doc spotlights drag as political resistance.

Look who’s bringing peace to the Middle East, one tuck at a time.

Refinery29’s Style Out There has released a new exposé on Israeli drag queens, fearless provocateurs who are actively challenging strictly binary views of gender at the tense intersection of Judaism and Islam.

“If the idea of progressive drag in a state defined by religion surprises you, it should,” explains reporter Connie Wang. “In a region where you can be jailed or killed for being gay, Israel, and specifically Tel Aviv, stands out as an oasis. But it’s still a place filled with conflict and contradiction.”

The short doc focuses on drag performance as subversive and a tool of political resistance. We meet local Tel Aviv queens like Asis O’Orange, a radical pacifist. “My goal is a non-violent revolution,” she says.

Moksha, styled with the modesty of a conservative Orthodox Jewish woman, also performs at Videopub, the only gay bar in Jerusalem. Though he’s gay and wears women’s clothing, he practices a religion that technically forbids both.

“I really feel I’m a part of progress in the country,” says avant garde fashion queen Nona Chalant. “I think drag will save the world.”

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