Jiggly Caliente Got Into Yale!

May we still call you Jiggly?

We’re always so proud when a Drag Race star makes it big—and this time one of them made it all the way to the Ivy League!

Jiggly Caliente took the stage at Yale University earlier this month, where she co-starred in the play Thunder Above, Deeps Below at the Yale Cabaret.

I get to have bitch moments which felt really natural lol. Sorry my prince @armandohuipe . Hugs. #jigglycaliente

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In the show, which gets its title from a line from Shakespeare’s Pericles, she played Gil, a Filipina trans woman who, along with two other friends, struggles to scrounge up bus fare to San Francisco before the Chicago winter cold hits.

From the play notes:

But when a bearded man on a quest, a mystery man in sunglasses, a wealthy john, and a doughnut shop’s spell-casting assistant manager put their hopes and friendships to the test, the trio find they must spare some change of a far queerer kind.

New friends. Amazingly talented people that pushed me to be better at my craft. Thank you for the bomb ass experience.

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@jenelle.c told me to take a peek at this play and I am forever grateful. The opportunity to embody A. Rey Pamatmat's "Thunder Above, Deeps Below" is a true gift. It's a rarity to be a Filipino American actress portraying a FA character in a FA playwright's play. But it's not an FA play, it is an AMERICAN PLAY. It is a POLITICAL STATEMENT. It is A THROBBING HEART. The people we consider "other," that we ignore when we walk down Chapel Street, they are at the center of the Yale Cabaret this week. The stage will be populated with YSD actors, drag royalty and people that have never been in a play; it's basically my dream for what theatre should be! I'm excited to share this story and I hope to see you there. Friday and Saturday 8p shows are already SOLD OUT. 2 more seats left for 8p tonight. Get on it or you'll miss out. #thunder #yalecabaret #newamericantheatre

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The Season 4 performer, who identifies as trans, uses her real name—Bianca Castro—when she’s not “in character” as Jiggly. In the video below she discusses being the first trans woman to take the Yale stage, how Drag Race changed her life, and other topics.



Thunder Above, Deeps Below has unfortunately ended it’s run, but if you need more Jiggly in your life, you can hear her on the new Christmas Queens 2 album, out now.

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