What It’s Really Like to Be the Single Gay Friend in a Group of Straight Couples

Comedian Jimmy Fowlie's new character will ruin your game night.

Meet Curtis. He’s 29, he’s a Libra, and he’s single AF.

Unfortunately, his huge group of straight friends has started coupling up in recent years, leaving him the odd gay man out.

Oh, Curtis is also the latest alter ego of gay comedian Jimmy Fowlie, known for his popular web series Go-Go Boy Interrupted and solo show So Long Boulder City.

“Why should I be in a relationship when I can be single with my friends?” asks Curtis between awkward bursts of doing the most. “I don’t mind being single because I don’t need all that attention on me.”

But don’t get it twisted—that goofy smile is masking a whole hot mess of hurt from being the ninth wheel on one too many game nights.

In fact, when he’s unceremoniously dumped by a fresh fling over the phone, Curtis has an epic meltdown where he tells all those happy straighties how he really feels.

“It looks like you guys got what you wanted!” he lashes out. “It’s just kinda funny to me that all you guys are so coming to me for support when you need it, and the minute you guys couple off, you’re out of there like a bat out of hell!”

Get to know Jimmy and Curtis below.

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