Selena Gomez, Bryan Cranston & More Don’t Care That You Hate Them: Video

Well, if you were looking for a Hump Day affirmation that people on the Internet are dumber than you, Jimmy Kimmel aired a new edition of “Mean Tweets” just for you! Basically, celebrities like Selena Gomez, Adam Scott, and Simon Cowell all shared the same pleasure of reading tweeted insults regarding their respective careers and casual personality flaws as deemed such by the Internet. The Hayden Panettiere one is particularly endearing and unintelligible.

(Side note: Apparently people have serious problems with Christina Applegate? I didn’t think that was possible.)

If you’re a Breaking Bad fan then the last one is amazing, but if you’re not- Tom Arnold, Jack Black’s musical duo Tenacious D and Jessica Biel all take the cake here.

‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Airs Really Dumb, And Kinda Homophobic, Video