Jinkx Monsoon Feeds You Fergie Realness In ‘Jinkxalicious’: WATCH

Well, well, well. If you didn’t think the little minx could stand her ground on this season’s Drag Race, you were wrong. Even if she’s not in your top three faves, it’s hard to deny that this queen has got what it takes to make it in the drag world. (Plus, if you’re got Ru on your side, you’re good as gold.)

Not to be outdone by her competition, Jinkx Monsoon knows that hard work pays off (and gathers eyeballs), which is why she’s released a music video parody of Fergie’s “Fergilicious”. It’s called (wait for it) “Jinkxalicious,” and it shows a ridiculously sassy side of Jinkx that we haven’t seen before, one in which she plays the MILF to a gay son and his revved-up buddies.

And if you don’t like it, consider yourself “water off a duck’s back.”

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