Jinkx Monsoon’s 5 Best “Drag Race” Moments

Let’s count up Jinkx Monsoon’s finest werk on “Drag Race.”



Jinkx Monsoon has spent a ton of time on RuPaul’s Drag Race defending her quirky, oft-maligned (particularly by Roxxxy Andrews) persona, and also the legitimacy of comedy queens everywhere. Her wholesome, batty shtick has helped her prevail in the competition, and now she’s the obvious frontrunner. Phew.

Since we have two weeks until the big reunion and reveal, let’s take a moment to revisit Jinkx’s five best moments in the competition.

5. That crazy-ass lip-sync of “Malambo No. 1”

Only once did Jinkx have to lip-sync for her life, and it was to a tune that perfectly dovetailed with her quaint bawdiness. Yma Sumac’s “Malambo No. 1” gave Jinkx the perfect opportunity to embrace her libidinous side, thrust about like a burlesque star, and create a number of shocking facial expressions that would stun Gene Simmons. Detox gave it her all, but Jinkx’s joie de vivre was cause for victory.

4. Her “Day of the Dead” runway presentation


Jinkx’s runway looks were often criticized (namely by Roxxxy, whose looks mostly ranged from “quickly removed cape” to “slowly removed cape”), but there were a couple occasions in which she nailed her presentation. This “Dio de Los Muertos” getup was downright spooky, but still full of clever verisimilitude. Look at the shading on the breasts and the amount of tiny details on the face. It’s shocking, but handled with plenty of subtle grace.

3. Her “Delusion” fragrance


To be honest, I almost made this Jinkx’s #1 moment. To me, her “Delusion” fragrance ad — in which she begins by lounging against some sexy men, wakes to find it was dream, looks to the camera and purrs, “Delusion — convince yourself” — was a true testament to her wicked cleverness. With the possible exception of Alaska, no one in the competition could come up with such a solid and provocatively funny concept.

2. Little Edie snatches a win.


I hear you, I hear you. Why isn’t this #1? Let’s start with the good stuff: Jinkx defied her weird, Philistine competitors by picking a character they’d never heard of and simply outperforming everyone else on the “Snatch Game” set. Her performance as Little Edie Bouvier Beale was note-perfect, delicate in that quintessentially Jinkx way, and still very commanding. She also had one or two clever responses that should’ve shamed Ivy Winters into leaving the competition right then and there. But for me, the performance is more accurate and graceful than hilarious, especially for a performer who IS hilarious. There’s no doubt that she was the rightful champ, but that’s all because her main competition was, mysteriously, Roxxxy. And you can’t deny that most of Jinkx’s lines are lifted right from Grey Gardens.

But the #1 moment? Is ALL Jinkx.

1. Her telenovela furor!


In the same episode as that “Dio de Los Muertos” look, Jinkx wowed the judges with a loud, Kabuki-esque explosion of a performance in the telenovela challenge. She wasn’t getting much help from catatonic scene partner Wilmer Valderrama, but her rage, shock, and UNBELIEVABLE ORGASMIC FIT secured her the victory. Alyssa tried to compare. But there was no comparing. It was a showstopping, scene-stealing moment and a true exhibition of her charisma and lovable over-the-top qualities. Jinkx may mutter “Water off a duck’s back” at least once an episode, but she is not wimpy when it comes to showing everything she can do.

What are your favorite Jinkx moments?