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Fabulous J.J. Totah Moves To The Big City In New NBC Comedy

The 15-year-old was the breakout star of this year's Sundance Film Festival.

It looks like NBC loved J.J. Totah’s scene-stealing performance in this year’s Other People as much as we did, as the network just offered him his own series.

Deadline reports that the sitcom will follow Totah as an “uber-confident, label-defying, tour de force who moves from small-town Indiana to New York City to live with his Aunt Nancy, an upbeat realist who’s convinced herself she’s happy with her life and will try to teach J.J. that sometimes an old dream falls apart so a new one can fall together.”

Parks and Recreation star Adam Scott is executive producing the untitled half-hour comedy with his wife Naomi, and Totah will reportedly serve as a producer on the project as well.

Other People

The 15-year-old was not only the breakout star of the incredible Other People, but he stole the show at the film’s Sundance press conference earlier this year as well.

When asked if he understood the importance of young people seeing a character like his onscreen, he gave a powerful and hilarious speech about being yourself.

“You can do whatever you wanna do. If you’re a girl — girl, you get on the football team, okay? If you identify as a boy, you put on some makeup and you work that stage,” he said. “Use color and paint a picture, honey! That’s what we should do more, right?”

“All of the children need to know, all of the little kiddies and fetuses out there,” he added. “Even if they’re not out of the womb yet, they need to know that it’s okay to be whoever the heck you are.”

h/t: Deadline

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