“Jobriath A.D.” Documents The Rise And Fall Of The First Openly Gay Rock Star


The American Bowie. The True Fairy of Rock & Roll. Hype of the Year.

Those were just some of the names given to openly gay rock star Jobriath. And now Kiernan Turner has created Jobriath A.D., a documentary about the rise and fall of the seventies glam rock musician.

Jobriath’s time at the top was brief, lasting only two years and producing only two albums. Critics quickly called him out for being over-hyped, saying he was all flash and no substance, and he was shunned by the gay community.

After becoming hated by the public and excommunicated from the music business, Jobriath spent his final years holed up at the Chelsea Hotel where he eventually died of AIDS at the age of 37.

The documentary explores the tragic story of the rock star, as well as reveals his impact on the music of today, with acts like Morrissey, Scissor Sisters and The Pet Shop Boys all citing Jobriath as an influence.

Check out the trailer below to get a closer look at the revealing film, now available on DVD.


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