Jodie Foster Is Not Her Sexuality

Jodie gets real. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Jodie Foster was honored at the 2013 Golden Globes with the Cecil B. DeMille award for her lifetime achievement. During her speech, Jodie prepared the audience for a truth bomb, but it wasn’t what we expected.

Jodie admitted that she is single, and lonely — and that her sexuality ain’t none of your business.

In a world of reality TV and full disclosure, Jodie wants you to know that her reality TV show would be super boring and would have to have staged spankings of Daniel Craig for us to watch (is it horrible for us to admit that we’d want watch that?).

Jodie’s speech was important on several levels. First of all, successful women don’t always have someone attached to them. Sometimes, women just really love their jobs. The most successful child actress of all coming out as a single woman actually makes her a compelling role model for all single women.

While she admitted she came out as a lesbian a long time ago (but not in those words) she went on to say that it shouldn’t be a deal as to who she is with, but rather what she does. While we do always wonder who is sleeping with who, Jodie dares us to not care who we are with, but what we are doing.

It make us hope for a world where people care less about our sexuality and more about the people we are.

Until then though, we’ll still probably talk about which celebrities are gay. Because it is important to know that gay people come in all shapes, sizes and types of celebrities. There are too many people still afraid of sexuality and one day, we won’t care about it, but until then perhaps we should let everyone know that it’s always okay to love whomever you love.

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