Jodie Foster: “Every Day Is Gay Pride Day for Me”

The "Hotel Artemis" star's family even hangs a rainbow flag.

The notoriously private Jodie Foster talks LGBTQ Pride in a new cover interview for PorterEdit.

“Every day is gay pride day for me,” says the 55-year-old Hollywood icon when asked about her family’s plans for the L.A. festivities.

“Actually, it’s gay pride month the whole of June,” Foster continues. “I didn’t realize until yesterday. We had to figure the whole flag situation, how long the flag [goes] up. My kids will go [to the parade]. My son said, ‘Maybe there will be naked bodies this year.’ I said, ‘You didn’t tell me there were naked bodies last year!’”

Promoting her latest film, Hotel Artemis, Foster also opens up about the #MeToo movement. “This is a transitional period, and it’s just so painful,” she says. “You really have to have a plan for truth and reconciliation. We can’t put every man over 30 in jail. We have to love our brothers and fathers and come to an understanding about how we got here and who we are going to be together.”

Donato Sardella/Getty Images for Hammer Museum

Foster essentially came out publicly in a 2013 Golden Globes acceptance speech. She married girlfriend Alexandra Hedison in 2014 and has two sons with former longtime partner Cydney Bernard.

The two-time Oscar winner also tells PorterEdit that she didn’t want her children to know she was famous: “I didn’t want them to know about my celebrity at all. I remember when my son was about four, he thought I was a construction worker.” How butch!

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