Jody Keeps Pushin'…


While Madonna’s hanging on mirror-balled crosses, one of her contemporaries, who also has roots in 80’s and 90’s pop, is taking a more chill musical path this summer. As of today, you’ll find the pop/R&B survivor Jody Watley getting downloaded and streamed all over the place with her latest single, “Borderline,” which is indeed a cover of Madonna’s early classic.

On her latest outing, Watley takes a decidedly laid-back and lithe take on the tune, and the results are pretty darn sweet. The vibe of Watley’s “Borderline” begs for a cocktail, or a walk down a breezy street at twilight–as you look swankily, stylishly fierce and reflective (much like Watley herself). And Watley really sings the song, serving up the frustration and pleading nature of the tunes’ lyrics. Niiiiiiiice! And I’m not the only one who thinks so.

You can hear a bit of the tune on Watley’s MySpace page, or download the whole song via iTunes. “Borderline” will be included on Watley’s next record, The Makeover, due in August. And while Ms. W’s made some music the last few years here and there, I’d love to see her return with some strong material. She’s a classy artist, a good friend to gays and the real deal.

Bonus: On her MySpace page, you can hear Watley’s own mad mash-up of her classic “Don’t You Want Me” and last summer’s Pussycat Dolls mega-hit, “Don’tcha.” F-U-N!