Did Joe Jonas Just Get Outed?

Super hetero. Obvi.


Joe Jonas former photographer and (probably former now) close friend may have just outed the singer. Rob Hoffman went on a Taylor Swift rant on his personal tumblr today. In his Swift hatred he mentioned how she has a tendency to date guys from boy bands who proceed to come out of the closet.

He wrote: “How many break-ups is it going to take for you girls to realize that Taylor Swift isn’t a good role model unless your dream in life is to die alone?

The only redeeming quality of any boy band these days is betting on which one is going to date Taylor Swift, and as a result, come out of the closet 2 months later.”

Um, awkward because Swift hasn’t dated that many singers from boy bands other than Harry Styles and Joe, and neither have come out yet. Until… now?

Maybe this was just a random senseless insult based on nothing but Rob probably should have thought twice before saying Swift is only good as a beard for boy banders.