Joe Manganiello Reveals He’s Chill With Being Objectified By “Magic Mike” Viewers


Joe Manganiello is giving the people what they want by gracing the cover of the latest issue of Details.

Here’s an exclusive GIF reaction from the collective Internet:


In the issue, Manganiello is asked if he minds being objectified by his legion of fans. “Why would I? I don’t think men care why women like them, as long as they do. That’s the point of the nerd in high school who makes it big. You work that hard for a reason. You want to have access to the dating pool.”

It’s not just women, Joe.


When asked about his many iconic True Blood nude scenes, Manganiello was frank, revealing, “No one pointed a gun at my head and said I had to look a certain way. I was hired for how I looked then, and I could have stayed that way, but why wouldn’t I want to come in the best shape of my life?”

Now, rest your tired eyes on some shots from the new issue.

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