Joe Manganiello Teaches Conan O’Brien How To Strip: WATCH

joe mangianello conan

Joe Manganiello’s time on True Blood is over, but the buff actor still has plenty going on, including Magic Mike 2 and his stripper doc, La Bare.

Manganiello went on Conan last night to show host Conan O’Brien how to work his moneymaker and do a body roll.

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Manganiello, who plays “Big Dick” Richie in the Magic Mike franchise, dubbed O’Brien “Big Red.” “I think Big Red could work, like a viking with a helmet,” he teased. “[You’d wear] tearaway armor, and be, like ’I’m here to pillage your village!'”

We’re not sure O’Brien has a future as a stripper but God bless him for letting Joe show him how it’s done.

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